80ML straight round LOTION bottle

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This 80ml bottle features a rounded shoulder and slender, elongated body that allows colors and craftsmanship to be highlighted. Matched with an all-plastic flat top cap (outer cap ABS, inner liner PP, inner plug PE, gasket PE), it is suitable as a container for toner, essence and other such products.

The rounded shoulders and slim profile of this 80ml bottle enable vibrant colors, coatings and other decorative techniques to be prominently displayed. Its shape conveys a sense of purity and premium quality that appeals to natural skincare brands.

The flat cap provides a secure closure and dispenser in an all-plastic construction for ease of recycling. Its multi-layered components – including the ABS outer cap, PP inner liner, PE inner plug and PE gasket – protect the product within.

The minimalist flat cap style also complements the understated yet luxe feel of the bottle.Together, the bottle and cap are a perfect canvas to reflect a brand’s color palette and convey their visual identity and premium product positioning.

The skincare formulas contained within are highlighted through a high clarity, colorless glass with light emerald tint.This PETG plastic and glass combination also meets safety standards for skincare products, including compatibility with a wide range of natural and cosmetic ingredients.

It is a durable yet fully recyclable solution suitable for any skincare collection targeting the health-conscious consumer.

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    1: Accessories: Injection molded white
    2. Bottle body:- Spray bright semi-transparent orange: The bottle is spray-coated in a vibrant, clear orange color. The transparency allows the natural glass material to remain visible.

    - Hot stamping: A decorative hot stamping technique is applied, likely referring to a metallic foil stamp that transfers onto the surface of the bottle using heat and pressure. This provides an premium metallic accent.

    - Monochrome silk screen printing (80% black): The bottle is silk screen printed with a single dark color, 80% black, as a decorative element. The semi-transparent orange background is still visible underneath the black silk screen print.

    -The combination of a bright base color with hot stamping and silk screen printing allows a decorative, luxury appearance suitable for a premium skincare line. The white cap complements the bottle’s design and premium feel.


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