30Ml foundation glass bottle: Properties and Performance

Anhui ZJ Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. is a company that specializes in the manufacture of all kinds of plastic products, such as bottles, caps, tubes, etc. The company is located in Anhui Province, China, where the transportation is convenient and the resources are abundant. Anhui ZJ Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. has advanced equipment, skilled workers, strict quality control, and excellent service, which make it a reliable and trustworthy partner for customers.

30Ml foundation glass bottle is one of the products that Anhui ZJ Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. offers to its customers. It is a premium cosmetic container that is perfect for storing your favorite foundation or lotion. 30Ml foundation glass bottle has the following features:

•  30Ml foundation glass bottle has a square-shaped exterior design that gives it a modern and sophisticated look. The stepped design that connects the bottle neck to the body enhances its overall appeal, making it stand out from other cosmetic bottles.

•  30Ml foundation glass bottle comes equipped with an 18-tooth pump made of high-quality plastic materials. The pump includes a button, a stem, an inner cap made of PP material, an outer cap made of ABS material, a gasket, and a PE tube. The pump is designed to dispense a precise amount of product, making it easy to apply your makeup or lotion evenly.

•  30Ml foundation glass bottle has a combination of glass and plastic materials that ensures that its contents remain safe and secure. The glass bottle is durable and can withstand accidental falls without breaking, while the plastic pump is easy to clean and maintain.

•  30Ml foundation glass bottle is designed to be refillable, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for those who use it regularly. The bottle is also easy to sanitize, ensuring that the product dispensed is always clean and hygienic.

Product Application and Maintenance

30Ml foundation glass bottle can be used for various applications that require a premium cosmetic container, such as foundation, lotion, serum, primer, etc. It can provide a smooth and flawless application of your makeup or skincare product, and improve your beauty and confidence.

30Ml foundation glass bottle is easy to use and maintain, but it requires some precautions and instructions to ensure its proper functioning and safety. Here are some tips to follow:

•  Before using, check the bottle for any damage or defect, and make sure it is clean and dry. If you find any problem, contact the supplier or manufacturer for replacement or repair.

•  During using, press the button gently and evenly to dispense the product. Do not over-pump or under-pump, as it may cause leakage or waste. Do not expose the bottle to direct sunlight, high temperature, or fire, as it may damage the bottle or the product.

•  After using, wipe the bottle and the pump with a soft cloth and store it in a cool and dry place. Do not fill the bottle with other liquids or substances, as it may contaminate the product or cause a chemical reaction. Do not disassemble or modify the bottle or the pump, as it may void the warranty or cause damage or injury.


30Ml foundation glass bottle is a product that Anhui ZJ Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. developed with its professional manufacture and strict quality control in the plastic industry. 30Ml foundation glass bottle has many advantages, such as high quality, high performance, high safety, and high aesthetics. 30Ml foundation glass bottle can meet the needs of various cosmetic applications and working conditions. It is a product that customers can trust and choose.

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Post time: Jan-12-2024