A capsule bottle with Frosting technology


The capsule bottle is a common packaging container that can hold essence, cream, and other products.

JN-26G2 can be described as a special type of glass bottle made of high borosilicate glass. It possesses excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance, and transparency.

It can effectively block gases and moisture, preserving the quality and freshness of the products inside the bottle. Additionally, high borosilicate capsule bottles are reusable and do not cause pollution to the environment after use.

They are high-quality and high-performance packaging containers.

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- Product Code: JN-26G2, Capacity: 130ML, Customizable Logo on the Cap
This “Cream Capsule Bottle” with a capacity of 206ML features a wide opening design that is more suitable for home use, making it convenient to access the capsules.

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When the packaging material of a capsule bottle possesses moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, and impact resistance, it effectively ensures the product’s quality and stability.

While avoiding product waste, we have also considered that the packaging design should be easy to open and store. In terms of appearance, the capsule bottle should be simple and elegant, with reasonable color combinations, clear fonts, and overall align with the aesthetic preferences of the mass market.


Two slim and elongated bottle models paired with aluminum caps:LW-34X, LW-33W:




With a minimalist and slim design, paired with a “28-tooth aluminum cap,” it effectively ensures the sealing and moisture resistance of the product. Good sealing properties can effectively prevent air, dust, and other pollutants from entering the bottle, thereby protecting the quality of cosmetics.


Under the minimalist design, we focus more on protecting the product, ease of use, and portability, emphasizing a natural sense of beauty.



Capsule bottles are commonly used to package various health supplements and herbal capsules. These capsules are often packaged in the form of capsules, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritional supplements. They are also suitable for containers of medical drugs, single-use face masks, and other products.

The last type is a twist-lock capsule bottle, paired with a PE material easy-to-pull cap for sealed storage, ensuring long-lasting, safe, and fresh ingredients.


- Product Code: SK-17V1, Capacity: 30ML

Featuring a simple packaging design of “transparent bottle + silver hot stamping,” the product is highlighted, emphasizing its shape, color, and unique characteristics, making it easier for consumers to focus on and recognize the product itself.

Post time: Jan-11-2024